The Rock Shop

Here is my Mom and me in the Rock shop with a shop full of customers in the background.   She is the original Nan who brought the crystals to this Healing Center of natural and holistic choices.  She was so proud of her first shelf of crystals.  We gradually expanded on merchandise as we got Dad to keep building another shelf or display.  You see it,  the beautiful shop that it is today.  She has since retired and I have taken over the “Nan” title with grandchildren now of my own. The business has now expanded into what we call “The Warehouse Dance Studio” and “The Mini Centre” both behind the main house.  But the Rock Shop is the place we meet, the home and heart of the Center.  We continue to specialize in crystals and crystal therapy.  Though we have expanded into many holistic and natural healing modalities and services, workshops and events, including a Mindful Market that takes place here on a regular basis.

Thanks Mom and Dad.  I love you. We did it, I could not have done it without you!

written May, 2018

Crystals are more than just a pretty face.  We are attracted to their beauty, their colors, shine, and glitter.  Rocks are made of mineral matter pressing together: but crystals actually grow, cell by cell into perfectly formed structures.  Both are Mother Nature’s wonders.  Crystals; however are able to naturally amplify, clarify, and store energy.  They have been used for many years by scientists in radios, computers, etc., as natural energy conductors.  Crystals are able to resonate with different vibrations, hence can be used to bring energies back to balance, including energies of the human body.  For example: amethyst helps to balance stress and worry in the mind so is a good choice for relief of headaches, poor sleep, depression, fear, etc..

Cleaning Crystals of negative energy: Before using crystal it is important to cleanse them first as they have already been working to balance stress, emotions, unhealth, chaos etc from everywhere they have been.  Also depending upon how much they are used, it is important to cleanse them regularly depending on how much you use them or the circumstances you have used them.  Crystals have been known to crack or even shatter from being overloaded.  It is important to clean negativity and stress energy from them regularly in order to continue to receive their full healing benefits.  Cleansing methods can include:  soak them in sea salt and water over night, sit them in sunlight or moonlight, set them outside on the ground during a rain or thunderstorm, wash them under running water especially natural sources such as brook/river/ocean, and all smudging or energy clearing practices such as Reiki.  A great way to clear jewelry or smaller crystals is to set them on a crystal cluster, selenite crystal or near a rock salt lamp. Choose one of the above that feels right with you.  Then feel its purity, its message, its gift to help you on your life path.  Crystal Therapy: gifts from the earth to help us remember, discover, and be all we can be.  Enjoy!          Written by Nan & Carol July 2004

When choosing crystals sometimes we wonder which is better … raw or polished.  For my opinion click on my article:  Choose RAW or Polished

ALLOWING DONATIONS: I am accepting donations to help me maintain and develop this beautiful place that I call home and share as a Spiritual Center. Thank you for sharing in my vision. All donations greatly appreciated.  Whether it be cheque, email transfer ( or pay pal. This Centre is gifted to you from my heart and I share it with my community and the earth … may I help to make positive change and Light.

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