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(For more information and to register please contact the facilitator of the event)


Sept 26 New Moon Drumming Circles with Myleta Ross.   This takes place in the Evergreen Theatre in Margrettsville.  Nan’s Rock Shop will be going!  Contact Myleta at 902 825-2327. Time: Thursday 7-8:30. Cost: $10.00.

Oct 1 Tribal Belly Dance with Teri Nichols.  Girls just want to have fun!  Let’s get back to the dance! Time: Every Tuesday 7-9pm. Cost: no charge! Contact Teri: 902 825-2264

Oct 2 Rocks and Oils with Carol Layton.  This is a weekly combo night of learning something about crystal therapy, then onto an essential oil lesson. Time: Every Wednesday evening 7-9pm. Cost: No charge!

Oct 3 Drumming Circle with Carol Layton and friends. Bring your drum, rattle or instrument. Drum to the heartbeat of mother earth. Meet us in the Warehouse Dance Studio (behind the Rock Shop) Time: Thursday 7-8:30. Cost: $10.00.

Oct 5 & 6 Reiki 2 with Carol Layton. Time: Saturday & Sunday 10am – 5pm. Cost $250.00.

Oct 8 Workshop Combo: Singing Bowls / Reiki / EFT Tapping. Time: Tuesday 1-4pm. Cost: $25.00

Oct 10 Workshop Combo: Singing Bowls / Reiki / EFT Tapping. Time: Tuesday 7-9pm. Cost: $20.00.

+++OCTOBER SPECIAL FEATURE:  Singing Bowl Plus Workshop with Natascha Polomski from Walkerville, NS. Hi, I’m Natascha – Your guide through the fantastic exploration of sound, vibration, frequency and healing. We will be getting to know the singing bowls, how they are made, different ways to make them sing, and most of all how they in combination with BioEnergetic Feedback can point out where in the field and on the body attention is needed.  This workshop will give insights to increase energy levels with complementary and alternative methods to reduce stress, balance the energy field and increase the overall well-being.  I am a certified Peter Hess® Sound Massage facilitator and Touch for Health user. Welcome to the incredible world of Vibration and Sound. Singing bowls are available and also for sale. 1 902 623-1271

Workshop: Saturday 10am – 5pm. Cost: $150.00

Sound Bath with Meditation: Saturday 7 – 8:30pm. Cost: $20.00

Private Sessions: Sunday 9:00 – 4:00pm. Cost: $35.00 for 30 minutes

I had the privilege to meet Natasha at the “I Am Worth It Retreat” that I went to in Pictou last spring.  I loved her insights into energy work along with her expertise with the singing bowls … so I thought I would bring her to us!  I am the first one to sign up for her workshop!  Thank you Natasha for bringing your wisdom to Nan’s Rock Shop!  Carol Layton.

Oct 19 & 20 Nan’s Rock Shop Mindful Market. This Event is CANCELLED for this year.  Meghan Mac Donald and myself will re-evaluate in the spring. Thank you Meghan, all the vendors and visitors that have made this event to be so successful and fun.  I am so very grateful to you all, let’s see what is instore for us all in the spring! Thank you.

Oct 30 Introduction to Young Living Essential Oil Drop In Workshop with Carol Layton. This is an evening to better understand essential oils, and learn why you would want to bring them into your home.  They just make scents/sense!  Come sample some to pick out your favourites!  Let’s get oiling!      Facebook Page: Rock and Oilers         Time: Wednesday 7-9pm. Cost: Free!

Nov 2 &3 Reiki 1 with Carol Layton.  Reiki can be the foundation of your spiritual journey, for you can apply it to any direction you choose.  Along with learning a simple and effective natural healing technique that you can offer to yourself and clients.  I say the more people who have Reiki training, the better the world will be!  This is my most cherished training, let me share my Reiki experience with you. Time: Saturday & Sunday 10am – 5pm. Cost: $195.00 


Nov 23 & 24:  Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 & 2 with Al Rodee.  Al is an internationally acclaimed EFT practitioner and life coach and has trained more than 2000 people in the art of delivering EFT, plus runs a practice in Halifax and online.  Live a Life Full Of Joy, Happiness, and Love by Eliminating Fear, Anxiety, and Stress From Your Life. Your natural self is happy and loving. Learning how to notice and reprogram your thoughts with “Tapping” will change your life!

I have been working with Al for 7 years plus.  This is a great therapy to add to your personal tool box of natural healing and happier living.  Something you can learn to do for yourself to release stress, unhealthy thinking OR to put in positive and more uplifting thoughts, ideas and motivation!  Thanks Al, know I just ove working with you!  Highly recommended by me.  Carol Layton. 

Time: 9am – 4:30pm. Cost $150.00 each OR $250.00 for both days.



Young Living Essential Oils here at Nan’s Rock Shop!

Young Living Essential Oil Workshops. with Carol Layton. Come learn the essential oil basics! Sample some of the most popular oils and blends right here in the shop! Opportunity: learn how to receive 24% off product! Host your own party with us of three to 10 people and receive a free oil to add to your collection. A fun little workshop. Or just catch us in the shop, we love to share! Let’s get oiling!

We LOVE their oils and the many other products that Young Living offers.  We will share with you why Young Living essential oils can and do offer such health benefits and we will sample and apply oils from the starter kit and also some of our favourites.  I will share with you how to get discounts and free products!  Fun!!!

It is a company of high quality product, lots of variety, and a fun loyalty program with the more you spend the more you will receive bonuses and free products.  Plus an opportunity to expand into a home run business.

My Essential Oil Website Page::

My Essential Oil Facebook Page: Rock and Oilers


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