Tiger’s iron

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Tiger’s iron is a combination of hematite, red jasper and tiger’s eye. The rippled wavy bands of color often resemble a scenic view. It combines three stones which are powerful in their own right, amplifying and blending their effects. It is a stone of strength, stamina and courage, and helps to encourage passion in the artistic fields. Especially beneficial for those who take on the feelings of others … including natural healing/energy modalities or spiritual readers. Helpful at times of suffering, deep exhaustion, mental burn-out, or family stress. Aids in personal strength in times of change, helps in problem solving, bringing up new solutions to old problems. Physically helps in times of surgery, balances white and red blood cells, increases natural steroids, improves muscular strength, helps with healing legs, sexual organs, liver and nervous system. It eases pain, heart/circulation, and promotes energy and protection. Powerful stone of grounding and protection, also protecting from danger. Be all you can be with Tiger Iron! Stone of “Survival & Choosing Life”


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