Tiger’s Eye

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Tiger’s Eye is a member of the quartz family.  It shows chatoyancy (an optical reflectance effect) due to its asbestos structure.  Colors include gold, yellow, brown, blue hawk’s eye, and red falcon’s eye.  This is a “feel better” and “go for it” stone.  Good for intuition, courage, and new beginnings.  It balances extremes and creates vitality, strength, practicality, and fairness.  Protects, conquers fear, brings in grounding energy & stamina to walk through difficult and confusing situations.  Good stone for anyone who is feeling bullied by situations or peer pressure.  Brings in Light and masculine strength into the aura.  Calms high blood pressure, digestive disorders, depression, and overall good for the weak and the sick.  Known as “The Stone of the Lion. “Lion totem reminds you that you are a great and powerful being. You came into this Life with very special gifts and strengths.  Now is the time to grow and develop these gifts inside of you and learn to share them with the world.  You are a natural leader simply be being who you are.  As you take action and follow your heart, you will inspire others to also follow their hearts and soon you will be surrounded by friends who help each other fulfill their dreams.  The Pride!”   Chip Richards


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