Shungite: A rare black stone believe to be almost two million years old. It is made up of 99% carbon and helps reduce EMF exposure, purify water and relieve emotional stress. It contains an unique composition of “fullerenes” which are 3-D spherical molecules made of 60 carbon atoms often called buckyballs. They are anti-everything harmful to us, including viruses, bacteria, fungus, pathogen‘s and so much more.Shungite contains natural antioxidants which help to cure, purify, heal, protect, normalize, restore and even stimulate healthy growth. It is recommended when you begin to wear Shungite that you start small and gradually increase its use. The most popular use is for electronics and EMF emissions, but it’s becoming more popular as part of crystal body layouts, crystal elixirs, meditations, and more. A stone worth further research!!! But to start: place on your computer, cell phone, crystal alters, wear as jewelry; add Shungite into your life and detoxify what is not healthy body, mind and spirit. While most stones are the result of recycled organic matter, Shungite is believed by some to be one of the elements of earth responsible for life on the planet. This is precisely why it’s often referred to as “the stone of life”. Shungite will shield you against negative energies of all kinds. Whether it’s your own thoughts and emotions or those of others, including EMF and environmental smog energies … Shungite will protect you. Known as a miracle stone at the 21st-century.


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