Seraphinite is a type of clinochlore and is also known as Serafina (green chloride) found in Russia. Its color is a deep forest green with the feathering of lovely iridescent silver markings that resemble the delicate feathers of an angel wings. It is a feminine, nurturing and gentle stone. Its name is dedicated to the the six-winged spirits of Light – the Seraphim, the highest order of angels who attend the throne of God. They offer opportunities and reassurance especially to those working to help restore the planet and humanity. Seraphinite brings in a deep peace; plus helps us to connect to our cell memory of forgotten gifts & wisdoms, which will help us to walk easier into our soul destiny. It is healing for the nerves and brain cells, aids in intuition, safe journeying, brings in a sense of knowing, bravery and feeling safe in our lives. It promotes living from the heart, helps us to let go of dis-ease from our thoughts, our emotions and our bodies. It has a strong yet sweet vibration that can clear all chakras, especially the heart and crown. It can assist you with reviewing your progress of life and with identifying the changes needed to put yourself on the path to peace, joy, wholeness, health and happiness. It is a stone of deep healing, unconditional love, and spiritual enlightenment. Physically helps with all forms of disease (including regulating the growth of cancerous cells), blood strengthener, aids in cell health and regeneration.


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