Quartz: Clear


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Quartz: Clear is the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust.  SiO4  Silicon Oxygen tetrahedral.  It can be purchased tumbled, natural terminated points, double terminated points, clusters, spheres, pyramids, wands, and a variety of forms and combinations.  It is colorless and transparent, sometimes murky.  It is considered to be a sort of spiritual battery and the most powerful crystal.  It charges via to the sun (clear quartz is also known as solidified light).  It bolsters your spirit, feeds your confidence, dispels a lot of the emotional baggage that often leads to physical ailments.  It brings positive light energy into all one’s chakras (body energy centers) and into the body’s aura.  It contains within it the full spectrum of colors and thus can be used for a wide variety of purposes.  Such as: protection, healing body / mind / spirit, programming, crystal grids, spirit communication, meditation, clarity on all forms.  It amplifies, stores, transforms, magnifies, thoughts/intent, and focuses energy.  Physically it helps release pain, strengthens the immune system, helps clear and settle the mind, stimulates all over organ health. It reflects and enhances loyalty and support from the divine, “mirror of the soul”.  Known as “the master crystal”.


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