Orange Essential Oil is cold pressed from fresh fruit peel, its sweet citrus fragrance balances positive emotions either relaxing or stimulating as  needed. Its oil has a warm, happy, light influence that prevents extreme seriousness. Seek help with orange oil to calm: perfectionism, anxiety, depression, insomnia, eases fear of the unknown, sadness, grief, especially beneficial in wintertime with seasonal affective disorder. From early times, oranges have been associated with generosity, gratitude, prosperity and good luck. Once called “golden apples”, oranges symbolize innocence and fertility. Today it is often used to boost immunity (aids in the absorption of vitamin C), helps prevent and alleviate colds, bronchitis and flu, digestive ailments (including constipation or diarrhea), good for women issues of PMS, period pain, proven to be beneficial in holistic approaches to treating cancers. I consider Orange essential oil to be liquid sunshine. I apply it regularly topically on my skin, in my bath, and in my essential oil diffuser. Known as the oil of pleasure, happiness and optimism  …….  Sold at Nan’s Rock Shop  $18.00 for 15 ml


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