Obsidian: Mahogany


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Obsidian: Mahogany – also called Mountain Mahogany is a natural reddish-brown obsidian with spots and splashes of black. Mahogany obsidian is a stone that opens up traumas, whether it be of abuse, shame, or unworthiness. It may have happened in this life time, an ancestral line or past life.  It helps to dissolve these “reactive emotions” that are trapped in the cell memory that influence how one handles situations in this present.  Mahogany is able to open up these hidden wounds and triggers, bring them to the surface, and release them into the Light. Then it enables movement forward into the future of fulfilling potential in work, love and spiritual awakening. It provides strength in times of need and revitalizes one’s power, drive and ability to stand up to face what we know in our hearts to be true and worth fighting for.  It is also a great stone to relieve pain and tension, opens up blocks in relationships, and helps to guide naturally to a new life stage.  It is a great stone for candle magic, preventing physic attack, cord cutting, reclaiming one’s power, creating healthy boundaries, and making significant decisions in challenging times. The energies of this stone will inspire  to remove these negative habits and patterns so that there will be better results, courage to take the risks into changes and opportunities, allowing better results and satisfaction with integrity and conviction!  Known as the stone of closure.


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