Obsidian: Black


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Obsidian: Black is volcanic glass in colors of black, brown or silvery.  It often has a glassy, mirror like finish which makes it an excellent stone for scrying (crystal ball reading), seeing images of loved ones in spirit, connecting to your spirit guides, making it a stone of prophecy.   It is a powerful cleanser, first of all helps you to recognize and accept the darker side of your nature so you can face it and work through it.  It draws out mental stress and tension specializing in the removal of: self abuse, inner anger, fears/phobias, eating disorders, addictions, and traumas related to sexual abuse.   Helps let go of old sorrows: happier times are ahead.  Also eases pain, especially lower back and feet issues.  Recharge under any light source.  Known as the stone for absorbing “black” emotions/pain (vacuum  cleaner for the spirit).


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