Northern Lights Black Spruce


Northern Lights Black Spruce Oil   comes from Young Living’s new Northern Lights farm in BC. Throughout history, spruce has contributed to folk remedies for a wide array of ailments. Spruce saved many a sailor and pioneer from scurvy. It was often used to treat colds, digestive distress, diarrhea and even in the treatment of tuberculosis. Today this woodsy and invigorating scent can be used in your diffuser to bring in the essence and calmness of nature into your home. It helps to moisturize and maintain healthy skin, including dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or athlete’s foot. Apply anywhere including the bottoms of your feet, along your spine, or back of the neck. Aromatherapy: it helps promote happiness, revives weary emotions and gives a fresher outlook. It is uplifting, improves memory, liberating and aids in meditation and spiritual practices. Applied topically: it improves circulation, relieves inflammation, eases joint pain and muscle problems such as arthritis, backache, bursitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, rheumatism, and sciatica. Along with fighting fatigue it supports kidneys and adrenals. Connect to the wisdom of old traditions. Key words: strength, spiritual, emotional, grounding and resilience …..  Sold at Nan’s Rock Shop  $40.00 for 15 ml


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