Agate: Blue Lace


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Agate: Blue Lace is a variety of banded chalcedony.  It’s color has lace like patterns of white and soft blue.  It helps you to stand up and speak your truth, clarity of thought, speech and trust.  It’s gentle energy fosters: love, patience, abundance, courage, acceptance, harmony & balance, plus offers protection.  It inspires tranquility, stronger intuition, peace of mind, and useful to bring in miracles.  It neutralizes anger and shyness to open up your voice allowing free expression of thoughts and feelings.  Often good for: shoulder/neck pain, thyroid, infections, inflammations, fevers, arthritis, headaches, and throat disorders.  It helps one to BREAK FREE of old patterns, especially those from childhood which no longer serve us.  Known as the “Stone of Communication and Freedom”.


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