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Moonstone has long been associated with the moon due to its iridescence.  It looks like the shine of the moon, has a shimmering effect called adularescence.  Colors: colorless, white, orange, yellow, and grey with a white or blue sheen.  Moonstone symbolizes the “Mother Goddess”(feminine energy).  It encourages gentleness, motherly love, support  and encouragement.  Like the moon, the meaning of moonstone is about cycles.  It is especially helpful with a woman’s menstrual cycle, PMS, fertility and pregnancy.  Also encourages cycles of transformation, rebirth, new beginnings, and adjusting to changes.  Good for anything associated with water: water retention, swelling, anaphylactic shock etc.  Fosters: happiness, balances yin & yang, good fortune, abundance, caring & compassion.  “Known as the stone of dreams and wishes.”


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