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Fluorite is a calcium fluoride crystal that has been formed in an underground vein where hot steam/water has moved through and changed the main stone to create a new stone of higher water content. This gives it a fluorescent appearance. Fluorite comes in the colors of white, yellow, pink, blue, green, purple, and especially color combinations. It has a gentle vibration of healing for the heart, mind, and soul. It helps in relationships: personal or work life. It helps to clear away “brain fog”, settles chaos, and brings in peace, concentration, clarity, grounding, and encourages positive decision choices. Settles: headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, disorganization, insomnia, dizziness, hyper-activity etc. Fluorite helps you to step back and see the bigger picture. Spiritually it brings in Healing Light and channeled wisdom.  It has a combination of colors are very beautiful and mesmerizing.  Its touch is cool and calming; place on your forehead to calm stress, hold over your heart to calm nerves or use as a palm stone to bring in focus & direction.  A crystal friend.  Known as “Stone of the brain and gentle guidance”. 


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