Quartz: Cherry Quartz

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Cherry Quartz is a man-made glass from China.  The color is clear with swirling red inclusions.   Glass is made from a mixture of melting natural elements of fine white sand or pulverized sandstone combined with soda or potash to lower its melting point, and lime. The red color is added to the melted mixture.  Color Therapy: Colors are certain wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy seen through our eyes. It has been known for eons of time that color plays a major role in setting up a particular mood or state of mind. Color does affect one’s feelings, moods, and emotions.  Crystal and color therapy together in cherry quartz bring emotions of: new hope, acts as an anti-depressant, relief from anxiety, sexual problems related to tension, & helps develop vision for the bigger picture. Cherry quartz is an energy stone and can be a powerful healing stone. It is an excellent balancing stone for a sad or weak heart.  Also used for intuition as well and it can lead one to ‘listen to their heart’ when used in meditation.  It is one of Carol’s favorite crystals, found in the center of her crystal grid in the meditation room.  Also a red quartz sphere in her therapy room which is named: “The Sky is the Limit”.  All cherry quartz bring a joyful mood into any room, peacefulness, grounding plus adds a passion/fire assertiveness to direct you to your next step on your life path. Known as the stone of relationship, fire and focus.


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