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Charoite is a rare silicate mineral first described in 1978 and named after it’s one location at the Chara River in Russia.  It is a mottled, veined or swirled purple stone with a pearly luster.  It is a stone of transformation and profound change.  Yet has a gentleness of encouragement, clarity, and building of inner strength.  It helps to dissolve anger, fear, helplessness, victimhood tendencies … showing one opportunities to step forward into the next positive step. As it begins to dissolve what is holding you back, notice that coincidences and synchronicity become more frequent, as it guides you into new and stronger opportunities.  It helps you cope with sudden life changes, bringing in feelings of unconditional love, spontaneity, getting over fear and taking on healthy changes which we often think are a risk (all change is risk, but how will we know if we do not at least try?).  Physically it helps with: regulating blood pressure, improves sleep, protects from nightmares, over comes insomnia. Plus treats: eyes, heart, liver, pancreas, and general conditions of the nervous system.  Known as the stone of transformation and profound change.


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