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Celestite is a strontium sulfate mineral, most often found in geode forms.  It’s most common color is a beautiful sparkly translucent baby blue coming from a natural irradiation of gold.  It is believed that the stone decreases negativity by putting an end to stress, anxiety, worry and fear, while helping to put a focus on the spiritual, thus attracting goodness and purity.  It has been known to accelerate spiritual development, stimulate clairvoyant communication, aid in dream recall and astral travel, and to bring one a general sense of peace, love, fullness of serenity, and inner truth.  A peaceful feeling … like floating on a cloud.  Celestite has a soft whispering ability, and what it says to you can be very uplifting.  Helps you to connect to your higher self, angels, and spirit guides.  Helps clear infections and negative attachments.  Helps you to see physically, emotionally and spiritually, what is important for you to see.  Good stone to place in a bedroom, therapy room, or to enhance any room.  Known as “the stone of the sky” or “stone of heaven”.


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