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Aragonite is a carbonate mineral CaCO3, related to Calcite, though different structure with high magnesium content.  It is formed in oceans, caves, and warm marine environments.  Its raw form is clusters of (most common) dark honeycolored, sharp spike like clusters.  Its vibration calms, soothes, encourages patience, and renews strength & balance, grounding.  It helps to settle anger and stress, especially for those who feel overwhelmed with responsibility.  Their cluster form radiates energy outward in many directions creating a “web” of Light Force energy.   It helps release the attachment to emotional drama, calms reactions, and balances towards love and understanding.  Helps clear pain and fear, guiding towards love, compassion, and helping one to own the “human star” within.  It builds strength and confidence to face and clear present or past life traumas and guides one forward into new visions.  Especially beneficial to use when training animals.  Aids in calcium absorption, eases muscle spasms, offers patience to children.  Known as the stone of powerful clearing.


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