Apache Tear Drop


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Apache Tear Drop is volcanic glass, a form of black obsidian.  It is composed of feldspar, hornblende, biotite and quartz. There is a haunting legend about the Apache Tear Drop. Where the Pinal Apaches and Arizona military  were in conflict.  Through a surprise attack the apaches lost many of their warriors in the first volley of shots.  The rest of the tribe retreated to a cliff’s edge and chose death by leaping over the edge rather than die at the hands of the white man.  The Apache women of those who died gathered a short distance from the base of the cliff where the sands were white, and for a moon they wept for the death of their loved ones and the loss of the fighting spirit of their tribe.  The sadness was so great, and their burden so sincere that the Great Father imbedded into the black stones the tears of the Apache women.  These black stones, when held up to the light reveal the translucent tear of the Apache.  Apache tear healing vibrations  helps to ground us and affirm that Earth is our home, protected and safe.  It helps us to release wounds and sorrow that is holding us back from joy, happiness, and spiritual growth.  Is used as a vacuum cleaner of negative energies, taking us to the Light.  It helps us to know what to keep and what to let go of (also helps in development of healthy boundaries).  It comforts grief, provides insight into the source of trauma, and promotes understanding and forgiveness.  Apache tear is therefore known as “the stone of healing grief and loss”.


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