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Amethyst is known as “the stone of protection and purification”. Its purple color comes from the combination of trace elements of iron and aluminum. Amethyst is known to balance energies of the third eye (mind) to bring clarity, balance, purify thoughts, enhance intuition, create strength in thought, dispel doubts/fear/anger/depression/anxiety. Thus is a beneficial stone for almost every situation, whether it be health, emotional, or spiritual: for all situations are created and/or affected by our mind. It is also beneficial for spiritual protection, physic attack, quitting addictions, protects against nightmares, aids decision making, enhances memory, aids sound/relaxed sleep, etc. A good stone to give your children, protect/enhance positive energies in a room, use as a healing tool in healing practices. The stone to take with you on a vision quest, to help open up opportunities along with the courage to follow through! This is a powerful crystal, when in doubt use amethyst!


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