Agate: Botswana


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Agate: Botswana is banded colors of soft grey, pink, salmon, and brown shades. It is also known as the sunset stone for its ability to retain sunlight and give comfort during dark and lonely times. It offers a gentle emotional support, often resembling what the brain may look like. Helping to settle and overcome negative thought patterns and anxieties; including phobias and “spinning mind”.  It is able to increase positivity and actually awakens your sense of adventure! It works on opening up big dreams, helping you to see the practical solutions rather than blaming someone or situations; a stone of creating solutions out of difficulty.  There is something in each one of us to create and gift to ourselves, our community, and our earth.  A gentle reminder of our capabilities, a catalyst for positive change; yet with practicality and rational thought … the steps “one at a time” to get to the destination.  Non-aggression, non-judgement, yet a unique power from a gentle heart that has the impact to stand up for what is needed for the time at hand. Stimulates the crown chakra, brings celestial and earth energy into the subtle bodies and harmonizes them with the physical body. Known as the stone of: Resilience.  “Resilience is  distinct from mere survival, and more than mere endurance.  Resilience is often endurance with direction.”  Eric Greitens


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