Agate: Apricot


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Agate: Apricot is an apricot and white banded agate.  It carries a very caring and warm grounded energy that helps you to feel safe and loved.  Along with letting go of fear and bringing  in the peace of knowing that all is well and leading you somewhere.  It also helps you to hold healthy boundaries by recognizing what does not feel right and have the courage to stand up for yourself and not be controlled by the expectations of others.  It continues to help you feel safe and also gives you the courage to start over when necessary and let go of anger and bitterness.  This is also a wonderful stone for children, and also strengthens the bond in families, particularly between parents and their children.  Legends state that eagles carry pieces of agate to their nest to protect their young.  It can bring in the understanding in tensions, guiding you towards spiritual maturity, inner stability and peaceful resolutions.  This stone reminds us to remember we all have important gifts and to share them with others.  It is soothes stress and calms chaotic situations.   Apricot agate is good medicine to sooth the soul and warm the heart.  She makes people feel loved beyond words. Known as the stone of Family Love.


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