Agate: Aquatic


Agate: Aquatic – Larger Sizes

The prices will only be listed for the pocket stones which are the smaller and roundish style.  If you are interested in other sizes, please contact me and I will forward you pictures and prices of what I have available.


Agate: Aquatic is a very close sister to moss agate and tree agate.  It resembles aquatic plants in a sea of white waters, its beautiful green swirls of mossy like fibers that appear to float in this semi translucent stone, and often with sparkles of white druzy crystals.  It adds an extra vibe of washing, movement, and mystery. This stone increases security and self-confidence, provides grounding, emotional balance and acceptance of who we are (beautiful). Also helps to wash away old and unhealthy habits. Great for settling drama, balances mood swings; this stone helps to soothe our soul. These beautiful crystals and stones make an exceptional partner to Reiki, Meditation and Witchcraft. They naturally destroy and transmute negative energies offering environmental blessings to any room in your home, your office, or your spiritual work space.  As calming as a walk, as cleansing as a dip in a cold-water stream, and as restful as a summer nap in long grass.  Known as the stone of nature, natural and flow.  “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.  Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow.  Let reality be reality.  Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”  Lao Tz


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