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Carol Shares: Divine Messages

What to do, what to let go, how do I decide?

Sometimes my mind can spin with possibilities

At times a relentless force continually nattering in my head

And brain fog sometimes takes over.

Advice from friends, family and councillors is so very valuable

It also helps to me to “sound” my thoughts so I can hear them out loud

No one person has all the answers; we each have different backgrounds of experiences

But when it comes right down to it … it is me who makes the final decision

From my training and research of all these years … I know that my soul knows

She is a continual whisper in my ears, a loving and genuine presence who only wants what is best for me

And sometimes I forget to take the time to quiet my thoughts to hear her.

I was reading my journal today

I came across this piece of channelled writing that I wrote Nov 16, 2017

It was worth reading again, I share it with you.


Dearest Carol,

I have seen much change in how you are looking at your life. There is so much to be thankful for.  If you are not thankful for all that you have received, why give you more.  It ends up being an empty black hole.

Look around you; look at everything that you enjoy as a flower. You are the vase that holds the flowers together.  Are your flowers dried up and dead? Or they young and fresh?  Weed out the dead flowers, nourish and replenish.  Notice how it feels to look after your flower arrangement.  People sense and feel your bouquet.  What are you showing them?  This life is not a competition.  Own, feel, and grow the love!

So I encourage you in times of confusion and reflection

To first share with your trusted sources

Then bring it home to yourself and your soul

 Find the way to connect which is most appropriate for you

For me it can be: a walk in nature, my back up against a tree, meditation healing drum circles, receiving Reiki

Writing in my journal, dancing, music, or a walk in my labyrinth.

Whatever is your way to quiet your mind

So the gentle voice of your soul and higher self can be heard

For only you can know what is what is best for you

You are the spiritual master that you have been looking for!


Stone of the month: Green Adventurine

Aventurine, Green is a member of the quartz family: silicon dioxide with microscopic fuchite particles. It reflects iridescent sparkles when held in the light.  Holds emotions of new beginnings and growth similar to the vibration of spring (new grass, budding leaves, regeneration and growth). Also helps one move forward with confidence into changes: as in one’s employment, residence, school, relationships, or spiritual focus. It helps rebuild and recharge energy.  And brings in a feeling of lightness and humor. It enhances: vitality, confidence, happiness, protection, imagination, creativity, career success, calm, positive outlook, balance and inner strength. Healing: heart/cardiac, cell repair, surgery or recovery conditions, and premature infants. Known as the Stone of GOOD LUCK.



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