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Carol Shares: Beyond Expectations


I feel like I have been through the wringer of change

Starting in February which was a month of me feeling sick and unwell

Next came the gift of encouragement for me to return to teaching

Changes in how I ran the shop, changes in my close relationships

The surfacing of my shadows and fears

Discovering another level of my voice as I stood up for the rights of my heart and soul

Many of my dreams and expectations postponed, deleted or changed

As though I have been wringed out and re-created inside and out

Yet with an air of resilience and determination

My thoughts gradually transforming into higher gratitude and excitement of new opportunities.


I am a planner and organizer, I like to know where I am going (some call it control issues)

In meditation I got the words to “Let it unfold”

This requires patience, faith, and surrender (not my strongest points)

Yet a “new normal” is falling into place around me

Better than I could have possibly planned on my own.


I have taken a lot of time for self-care this season

Taking “delicious time” to nurture, listen, connect and heal

A lunar moth gifts it’s presence to me on this property

A symbol of: rebirth, renewal of body and spirit, regeneration and the soul itself

I am mindful, humbled and forever grateful.


So I encourage you

To hang on for the “boot camp training” in the times that seem so very hard

Replace “Why is this happening to me?” with “What is this trying to teach me?”

Allow love, support and reassurance from others

Live beyond your expectations

Have faith that Spirit has your back

I am worth it, you are worth it

Together we can do this!


“…Allow. You need to know that the entire universe comes out of flow.  And if you allow yourself to be part of this natural rhythm, you will allow your self to know what it truly means to be a spiritual being on this planet.  As you allow flow, the world will open to you in ways that you couldn’t have imagined when trapped in your patterned thinking and prescheduled ways … Listen.  Allow.  Act.  And just be, in the moment.  Get carried away with your life while still owning every moment.  For it is your show. Allow yourself to be in it and move with it, with yourself … Flow is happy. It is good.  It is easy. The only hard part of flow is you.”          Wild Woman Mystery Cards by Elizabeth Macleod


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